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Part of the programme Basic Knowledge and Skills in Food and Beverage Service, this functional competency is aimed at restaurant service and comprises the following elements:

  • Prepare food and beverage environment for service
  • Set tables
  • Meet and greet guests
  • Take food and beverage orders
  • Serve food
  • Serve drinks
  • Present account to guest
  • Provide departure services
  • Conduct shut down activities

This Unit comprises four Elements:

  • Identify hazards and risks
  • Follow enterprise hygiene standards, procedures and practices
  • Handle and store foodstuffs
  • Follow food safety program

This course comprises of the following competencies:

  • Prepare food and/or food and beverage outlet for service
  • Prepare and pack take away food and beverages
  • Provide table service
  • Store and handle foods safely
  • Handle payment and carry out cash control procedures
  • Close down food service area

This course provides the following competencies:

  • Liaise between kitchen and service areas
  • Clean and clear food service areas
  • Maintain effective relationships with colleagues 

This course provides the following competencies:

  • Take and process rooms service orders
  • Prepare for room service
  • Provide room service
  • Present room service accounts
  • Clear room service
  • Maintain readiness of room service area for service

This course provides the following competencies:

  • Obtain product information on food and beverages
  • Provide customers with relevant food and beverage product knowledge

This course is aimed at demonstrating the online components of a blended learning style session focusing on preparing a restaurant dining room for service. Two competency elements are covered:

  • Prepare F&B environment for service
  • Set tables